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Sacred Tails

Enter the world of Sacred Tails, where mystical Shinsei wield elemental powers in strategic combat. Explore a massive MMO overworld, customizing avatars and engaging in intense...


MMO Turn-based RPG






ARM/I5 4400/Ryzen 3 33X

Game Features

13 Elemental Affinities

Unleash the power of unique elemental Shinsei, each wielding distinctive strengths and access to exclusive moves, shaping the tactics of every battle.

Knockout Tournaments

Engage in exhilarating 1-32 PvP knockout tournaments, featuring a variety of formats such as ranked matches and wager battles, where strategy and skill reign supreme.

65 Unique Moves

EWith over 65 unique moves available, ranging from strategic buffs and debuffs to powerful status effects and direct damage, the depth of combat is vast.

MMO Overworld

Traverse an MMO overworld alongside friends, challenging any opponent you encounter in diverse combat arenas, whether you prefer PvP or PvE the choice is yours.

Creative Freedom

Express your individuality through extensive avatar customization, showcasing unique outfits, colour schemes, and auras to stand out in the crowd.

Progression Systems

Elevate your Shinsei through a robust progression system, carefully selecting stat preferences and skill enhancements to climb your way up through the leagues and leaderboards.

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