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Unleashing the future of gaming - Discover our innovative ecosystem of blockchain games and our dynamic NFT marketplace. Experience gaming redefined at Reload Games!

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What is Reload ?

The Hub of Innovation

Reload games is much more than a gaming platform, we are crafting a legacy to inspire generations. Our integrated NFT marketplace, social features and our in-house games will seamlessly interact with the metagame environment of the Reload Hub.

The Heart of the Cards

At the heart of Reload games we are embracing the mantra of ‘fun first’. In a gaming world saturated with advertising and profit-driven endeavours, Reload is on a mission to restore the sheer joy that lies at the core of the Web3 gaming experience.

A Community-Led Odyssey

We’re not just building games; we’re nurturing a passionate community. Share ideas, forge connections, join guilds and be part of a gaming revolution.


What is Reload ?

Bridging Gaming Realms

Reload Games is building a groundbreaking gaming ecosystem that unites traditional gamers with the undeniable benefits of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Our unique in-game credits system enables all players to enjoy our games seamlessly, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain technology.

NFTs Reloaded

Our in-game auction house connects web3 and traditional gamers, allowing web3 players to decentralize their NFT listings. Utilizing a wallet mechanism in the background, all players can buy and use NFTs within the game without requiring a wallet. This integration respects each player's space, ensuring a smooth entry into web3 gaming.

A New Way To Play

Reload Games is shaping a future where innovative gaming meets accessibility, we're crafting experiences that merge the excitement of traditional gaming with the advanced earning possibilities of Immutability. We are opening up a new chapter in the gaming world, inviting everyone to explore, enjoy and earn without barriers.

Invest in the future of Web3 Gaming

Embark on Reload Games journey to reshape the Web3 gaming landscape. Participate in our upcoming ICO and gain early access to our games, exclusive in-game cosmetics, Reload Hub XP boosters and entry into special tournaments.

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Reload Armoury

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Gaming NFT Marketplace

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MMO Turn-Based RPG

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Anime Trading Card Game

Sacred Tails

Dive into an epic multiplayer world of fantasy and strategy.


Buy and sell items on Hoardable Marketplace and receive exclusive rewards and XP.

ELO Tokens

ELO Governance Token

ELO Governance Token

Governance token used in the Reload Ecosystem.

Wrapped ELO

Wrapped ELO

1:1 ELO backed ERC-20 token on the Polygon network, our in-game token boasts extremely fast transaction speeds and fractional gas costs.

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Unleashing the Future of Gaming - Discover our innovative ecosystem of blockchain-powered games and our dynamic NFT marketplace. Experience gaming redefined at Reload.Games!


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