Date: 12/03/2024

Sacred Tails Development Update: Building Toward Perfection (Builds 0.8.16 - 0.8.22)

In the vibrant world of Sacred Tails, our journey towards creating an unparalleled gaming experience continues with relentless passion and innovation. From enhancing gameplay mechanics to introducing groundbreaking features, each update is meticulously designed to enrich your adventure. Let's delve into the latest developments from builds 0.8.16 through 0.8.22, highlighting our commitment to evolving the game.

The Latest Frontier: [0.8.22] - 2024-02-27


  • Account Creation with Wallet Authentication: A seamless integration allowing players to create user accounts in our database via wallet authentication, paving the way for a more secure and personalized gaming experience.
  • NFT Data Utilization: This feature brings your Shinsei to life, directly influencing gameplay with NFT data to ensure each Shinsei is as unique as its owner.
  • Trial Shinsei for New Players: To ensure everyone gets a taste of the action, trial Shinsei are now added for players new to the ecosystem, allowing for immediate gameplay without NFT ownership.


  • Display of Connected Players' Names: Enhanced the multiplayer experience by ensuring all players' names are accurately displayed.

Known Bugs:

  • Textural shaders appearing purple and preview image transparency issues persist, affecting the visual fidelity in certain game environments.

Unity and Wallet Integration: [0.8.21] - 2024-02-15

Major Upgrades:

  • Unity Version Update: Transitioned to Unity 2022.3.19f1, significantly improving the game's performance and visual appeal.
  • Metamask SDK & Moralis API Integration: A leap towards a decentralized gaming future, enabling players to connect their Metamask wallets and access NFT metadata effortlessly.

Persistent Challenges:

  • The introduction of new shaders and preview image issues, mirroring those in the previous build, underscores the complexity of integrating advanced graphical features.
Enhancing Combat Dynamics: [0.8.20] - 2023-12-22

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Skip Turn Functionality: Streamlined to enhance combat flow, eliminating confirmation prompts when energy levels are insufficient for skill use.
  • Combat Messaging: Overhauled to improve clarity and immersion, with new messages like "START COMBAT" and "NEXT TURN" punctuating the battle rhythm.

Revolutionizing Match Experience: [0.8.19_b] - 2023-12-12 & [0.8.19] - 2023-11-03

Camera Flow & Combat System:

  • A comprehensive overhaul of camera transitions during matches to minimize downtime and maximize engagement.
  • Profile Customization: Players can now personalize their avatars directly from the lobby, enhancing the sense of identity within the game.

Battle & UI Fixes:

  • Addressed significant bugs affecting Shinsei selection and combat logs, alongside improvements in attack descriptions and tooltips for a more intuitive battle interface.

Towards a More Harmonious Battle Arena: [0.8.18] - 2023-10-27 & [0.8.17] - 2023-10-20

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Introduced music and SFX mute options alongside UI enhancements like updated coin counters and combat reward displays.
  • The Shinsei Vault section now offers a detailed view of each Shinsei's statistics, further deepened by an increased font size in card descriptions.

Shinsei Vault Enhancements and Ability Adjustments: [0.8.16] - 2023-10-12

Strategic Depth:

  • Refined ability card descriptions and Shinsei weaknesses, alongside the introduction of an energy filter, to elevate the strategic complexity of deck management.

Each update in Sacred Tails not only enhances the game but also reaffirms our dedication to building a rich, engaging world. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and expand the Sacred Tails universe, ensuring it remains a dynamic and thrilling adventure for all players.

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