Date: 10/06/2023

Powering Up: Enhanced Gameplay in Sacred Tails with Patch [0.8.5]

Greetings Champions!

Get ready for another round of improvements, fixes, and new implementations in your favourite realm of Sacred Tails! We've listened to your feedback and worked hard on enhancing your gaming experience.


This patch fixes some pivotal issues that have been lurking around in the energy department. We've addressed the issue where active energy regeneration was not being applied - rest assured, your Shinsei will no longer suffer from an energy crisis mid-battle. Additionally, energy regeneration will no longer plunge into negative values, as we've set a minimum value of 10 to keep your gameplay positive and charged up!

Your skills are now more in tune with their descriptions, as we've aligned the ‘Ignite’ skill buff's duration to match what's stated.

We've also cleared up some confusion on the battlefield - Shinsei dodge animations are now perfectly synced with the actual skill output. No more dodging animations in a turn where you took damage, ensuring a more immersive and accurate gaming experience.


Get ready for an informational feast - we've introduced a whole array of notifications and indicators to keep you on top of your game!

Now, you'll receive immediate damage and altered states notifications on your Shinsei as pop-ups. With this real-time feedback, you'll be better equipped to strategize your next move.

The combat log system has received a massive overhaul. Now, it contains detailed descriptions for each turn action, including damage dealt; active altered states, buffs activated, turns skipped, and more. You'll never miss a beat!

You'll also receive a notification when a Shinsei meets its unfortunate end. On the bright side, we're taking transparency to a new level with damage split - you'll now visualize damage by each singular action instead of the total damage of all the actions. This will allow for greater strategic depth and understanding of how battles unfold.

Your player UI has received a major upgrade - you can now view active altered states, complete with the icon of the altered state and the remaining turns until it wears off. Buffs and debuffs are also displayed prominently on the UI, showing you the icon and the remaining turns.

To top it all, we've included tooltips for buffs and debuffs, containing detailed information on the stat being increased or decreased, the amount, and the turns left for the buff/debuff. Knowledge is power, champions!

With all these changes in place, we believe the [0.8.5] patch will enhance your Sacred Tails journey. As always, we appreciate your valuable feedback, which helps us make the game you love even better.

Happy adventuring in the realm of Sacred Tails and stay tuned for more updates!

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