Date: 24/05/2023

Sacred Tails Game Update [0.8.2]

Monday May 20

Hello, everyone! We're pleased to announce the release of the 0.8.2 update for Sacred Tails. As always, we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to polish your gameplay experience. This update introduces a plethora of fixes and changes and includes some new implementations as well. It's our constant endeavour to ensure the best possible gaming experience for our community. The open Beta is still on track for June 2023, provided we are satisfied with the sprints currently taking place.

What's Fixed?

Several issues have been addressed in this update:

  • We've corrected an issue where Shinsei could be duplicated while changing places with another Shinsei.
  • The ‘Reject’ skill has been fixed. Previously it gave a 100% dodge probability to the Shinsei using it, but now it has been corrected to the intended 40%.
  • The ‘Avalanche’ skill's debuff duration has been adjusted to last the entirety of combat.
  • Several skills – ‘Ignite’, ‘Glide’ and ‘Instinct’ – were improperly incrementing the altered state effects each turn, this issue has been rectified.
  • We've fixed a bug where the ‘Root’ Skill wasn't healing the caster as intended.
  • Altered states will no longer stack when the skill is used twice.
  • Buffs and debuffs will now return to their normal values correctly after combat.

What's Changed?

We've made a few balance adjustments:

  • Reject skill's dodge probability has been decreased from 60% to 40% for better gameplay balance.
  • Energy regeneration now offers 25 extra energy when the turn has been skipped, reducing the dead zones in waiting for energy regeneration.
What's New?

We're excited to bring new additions:

  • An interface has been added to facilitate exiting the telescope view.
  • Both the bar and map Navmesh have been updated with objects that add to the game's ambiance, such as barrels, chairs, mats, trunks, candlesticks, lamps, and three columns on the wall.

As of today, you can download the 0.8.2 build. We will announce when it is available on Discord and our website.

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