Date 07/06/2023

Instinct TCG Build 0.7.1 - A Deep Dive into Our Comprehensive Bug Fixes

June 2023

This update is centred around addressing critical bugs, ensuring both gameplay mechanics and player interactions are smoother and more intuitive. Let's explore the fixes in detail:

AI and Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Player Turn Verification Post-Toss: Resolved issues where the AI did not accurately recognize player turns following the initial game toss, crucial for fair play and strategic engagement.
  • Loki's Playbook Utility Card Skills: Addressed bugs affecting the card's functionality in AI and multiplayer modes, ensuring its skills operate as intended for strategic gameplay.
  • Card Counts for Sleight of Hand: Fixed discrepancies in player hand and mist card counts when using the ‘Sleight of Hand’ utility card in multiplayer, enhancing strategic depth and decision-making.
  • Pride and Lust Utility Cards: Rectified functionality issues with the ‘Pride’ utility card in AI and both cards in multiplayer, ensuring their skills contribute effectively to gameplay dynamics.

User Experience and Interface Fixes:

  • Card Placement and Sacrifice Mechanisms: Eliminated bugs that prevented players from sacrificing cards or placing cards face down, streamlining gameplay and strategy implementation.
  • Continuous Room Entry Issues: Fixed a persistent bug that locked players in a searching screen, hindering entry into game rooms and impacting player engagement.
  • Sneak Peek Card Issue: Addressed functionality errors with the ‘Sneak Peek’ utility card, ensuring it works as intended in game scenarios.
Visual and Technical Improvements:
  • Card Name Consistency: Solved issues where card names did not match between the player's draw and the detail page, maintaining consistency and clarity for players.
  • Polarize Functionality and Visibility: Corrected the ‘Polarize’ utility card's functionality and visibility issues, including ensuring the sacrifice pop-up is properly displayed.

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