Date: 10/09/2023

New Beginnings: Sacred Tails, Instinct, Hoardable


For the past 2 years it has been the greatest privilege to lead the line in developing both of our games, Sacred Tails and Instinct.

Sacred Tails

Sacred Tails has come a long way since its inception, with the game in its final stages of development for its first phase. We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the game is as enjoyable as possible, and we had a planned Open Beta date that unfortunately was delayed multiple times. However, I think it is imperative to stress that in this industry you have one shot to get things right. Our perfectionism is both a positive and detrimental, but we really felt we had to stay true to making sure the game fulfilled our initial vision. Being constrained by funding is incredibly difficult, Sacred Tails is still at its beginnings in terms of the potential of the game itself and the different ways we can grow.

Instinct TCG

Instinct is something that excites me a great deal, our artwork, lore and general blueprint for the game is all there. Unfortunately, we ran into multiple issues in development and delays ensued. We have not raised funding through Instinct for a long while, we invested a large amount of money into the artwork and IP for Instinct and even then, did not feel comfortable seeking to raise more funding until we could deliver at the very minimum the Alpha version for our investors to play. This is a couple of months away from fruition and we look forward to the long overdue welcome into Instinct for our investors.
Hoardable NFT Marketplace
Hoardable is on hiatus, but everything is there and ready for us to flip the switch back on again. When we started developing Hoardable, NFT prices were at all-time highs and adoption was growing at an alarming rate. With the need for us to have our own gaming marketplace for both games it made logical sense to develop a marketplace that could cater for both games and to allow other 3rd party gaming projects to also use our services for a flat fee. The NFT market itself is not in the greatest of places right now and with funding being so tight the decision was made to put a pause on Hoardable and focus on the games using 3rd party marketplaces. I think the business logic was solid, however the sentiment changed that narrative. I do however believe this is a phase, I think that NFT’s, especially gaming NFT’s will come back incredibly strong.

Combined with the outside markets and the current health in the crypto markets it has been a slow and steady decline in the price of both of our tokens. The development/product first philosophy is a tough path to walk but we are proud of what we have built so far. This model is fine until outside interest rapidly declines, as it becomes very difficult to attract new members into the community as it is as if you are swimming against the tides. We stay true to the vision we set out to create in this space. It is no secret that we have struggled financially and those struggles ultimately meant less developers, slower development times and restrictions on new features.

The Future

We have come to the decision that we will be combining Instinct, Sacred Tails and Hoardable NFT Marketplace into one master token. The token’s name is decided, the branding team are working around the clock to get things in line, and we also have a brand-new website soon in construction that will serve as our new hub for information, linking people to the different project websites. One of the biggest changes is that we will be moving our master token over to Ethereum from Binance Smart Chain. Without going into personal thoughts, I think that Ethereum’s outlook for the future seems very positive and I’m sure the Ethereum maxis will appreciate what we are bringing with us! The game itself will not operate on Ethereum and we are in discussions internally and externally as to our destination to Launch our games. More on this when we can bring you information but rest assured, the gas fees will be minimal. What this does mean is that we will be conducting another presale for the master token, the amount is not final at this point and depends on the VC meetings we will attend to discuss seed funding and potential grants. All investors of Instinct and Sacred Tails will be offered a migration, which will put you into the private sale with an allocation of tokens based on the USD value of your tokens. To be completely clear, you will not gain the same number of tokens, as with a new presale the token price will change to accommodate the presale itself, but your USD value will remain unchanged.


We are asking anyone who wants to participate to send your tokens to the specified address below: 0xA69224E29adBdBc74045b18F0b591752F2706e14 Deadline before liquidity removal: 24/09/2023 By merging the 2 tokens together and adding Hoardable in as extra utility, it puts the master token in an incredibly strong position, offering Utility out of the gate with the Sacred Tails Beta ready to go live on launch day. Plus, it opens us up to attract in investors/gamers for different reasons, for example a player that is not interested in TCG’s but loves tactical PVP games like Sacred Tails would be more inclined to play the game and join our ecosystem. It also allows for us to combine our financial power and list on a top tier exchange immediately whereas before it would have been very hard for us to list both of our tokens separately.

Important Notice

We will be withdrawing partial liquidity from Sacred Tails and full liquidity from Instinct, we will use these funds to start the web3 integrations for Sacred Tails including NFT integration and reward systems. We will be using these funds to help market the new launch and to continue internal development. This will happen after the 2-week deadline for migrations (24/09/2023). We appreciate that some are not always around to check their investments and considering this we will still allow for people to migrate their tokens over indefinitely keeping a separate pool available even after the new launch. There is of course a risk associated with all of this. It is not 2021/2022 anymore, it is very tough to hold presales in these current market conditions. That means that if things don’t go our way, then the liquidity we use will not be able to be put back into the pool. I always want to be clear and transparent in any upfront risks, but at the same time am incredibly confident in what we have already built and what we can achieve with our products. Therefore, we want to give 2 weeks for investors to decide if they want to join us in this next step of our adventure or take their funds out. We do not believe in trapping investors in and want you to want to be on this journey with us. The choice is and has always been yours!

Plans for the future

Sacred Tails will be undergoing its journey from web2 into web3, with NFT integrations, rewards systems, quests, minigames, new moves and potential new game modes. We will also be adding in new realms to explore, a huge new stadium for high level tournaments, breeding and guild housing. Instinct will carry on its development cycle until the alpha is ready, we also plan to develop a brand-new game mode inspired by auto chess/Team fight tactics that will incorporate our incredible IP into a fun and exciting new game mode, with alliances, factions, and bonuses for synergy in your team selection. Hoardable will undergo cross chain compatibility upgrades, plus a launch pad primed for web3 games. Helping to be a home of incubation for Indie studios with great potential. We want to champion builders with the hopes to kickstart a new wave of Indie games, plus we want to give them all the tools they need. In the future this could potentially even include offering our own SDK’s with the goal of giving tools to web2 games to incorporate web3 systems in without the need for extensive solidity knowledge. Something we can test hands on with our own games for quality of life.
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