Navigating Through the Fixes: The Comprehensive Journey of Build 0.7.2-0.7.5

This update addresses a wide array of bugs and feedback to refine gameplay, enhance the user interface, and stabilize performance.

Deep Dive into Deck and User Interface Enhancements:

  • Tier and Deck Management Precision: A notable fix was the incorrect tier count display, which often misled players about their deck's composition. By resolving this, we ensure that players have accurate information, empowering strategic decisions. Moreover, the resetting of tier counts upon deck deletion now functions seamlessly, enhancing the deck-building experience.
  • Streamlining User Interaction: We tackled the frustrating bug where names persisted in text boxes even after cancelling edits. Now, when players opt to cancel their actions, the interface responds accordingly, erasing unwanted text and maintaining a clean, user-friendly experience.
  • Refinement of the Deck Editing Process: Adjustments in the deck management system, including the fix for the counter display for B tier cards and the removal of cards after deck deletion, reflect our focus on a more intuitive and error-free deck-building journey for our players.

Performance and Stability Upgrades:

  • Eliminating Visual Distractions: Players previously encountered screen shaking and stretched images, detracting from the immersive experience. These issues have been meticulously corrected, ensuring smooth gameplay and visually pleasing aesthetics.
  • Button Functionality and UI Corrections: The ‘edit button’ and ‘settings’ inconsistencies, such as the misplaced ‘credit’ button, were addressed. By refining these elements, we have streamlined the user interface, making it more intuitive and responsive.
  • Enhancing Game Interaction: Fixes were applied to prevent single cards from being added multiple times due to selection errors and to ensure that the scrolling functionality behaves as expected, providing a more stable and reliable user interface.
Gameplay Mechanics and Functionality Fine-tuning:
  • Skill and Card Interaction Enhancements: We have honed the functionality of essential gameplay elements, such as the ‘Liss’ skill and ‘tier counter’ accuracy, ensuring they perform reliably in game scenarios. This not only improves the strategic depth but also enhances the fairness and competitiveness of matches.
  • Visual and Technical Refinements: Addressing visual glitches like stretched images and unresponsive edit buttons, along with gameplay issues such as the deck not resetting properly, underscores our commitment to both the aesthetic and functional integrity of the game.
  • Addressing User Experience Issues: From correcting the behaviour of scrolling screens to fixing the deployment and activation of cards, our focus has been on eliminating any obstacles to a fluid gaming experience. This includes ensuring that card names and functionalities are consistent across different game states and resolving any issues that hinder player progress or enjoyment.

Stay tuned for more updates, as our journey together continues to unfold, bringing new challenges, opportunities and improvements to the forefront of our shared gaming adventure.

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